Family is everything to me. My photography focuses on the journey a family takes, documenting the important moments in life that make living worthwhile. It is said when choosing a job you should think about what you would want to do everyday, even if you do not get compensated for it. Without question, I want to be taking pictures. Taking pictures of family merges the two primary elements of my life - photography and family. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

My images have a distinct style of capturing authentic family moments that are worth treasuring. The images are characterized by vibrant colors, candid moments, and genuine emotions and experiences that families share. I focus on eyes, not only because of their beauty, but because they provide a true glimpse into a person’s character. Eyes express what words cannot say.

By working with me you can expect a warm and wholesome environment completely void of judgment. Photo shoots will be easy going and playful so that we have fun together and so you can be comfortable being yourself. I want to be your photographer for life, and photograph your family as it grows!

Please feel free to contact me!
Email: swipfler@gmail.com
Phone: 301 502 3459